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Newton’s Copywriting & Editing


Remember the days when communication was simple and elegant, when written words conveyed the essence of a business or individual with effortless ease? That's the kind of experience Newton's Copy offers. Backed by years of expertise and an unrelenting passion for graceful, effective communication, our team knows just how to capture the essence of any client and put it into words that engage and inspire.

Whether you need website content that dazzles, or advertising copy that moves the heartstrings, we are here to craft the perfect message, tailored to your unique needs. So why not indulge in the beauty of well-written content?


Property Pie


At PROPERTYPIE, we manage real estate investments with maintenance, inspection, rent collection, and remodelling, using expert design advice. Focus on what matters while we provide a convenient and efficient solution for your investment management needs. We offer a range of services from residential lettings to commercial construction.

We provide residential property management that involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of rental properties. We also provide renovations, giving you the opportunity to upgrade or enhance your property to improve its value, enjoy a refreshing change, or appeal to potential renters or buyers.

We also provide high-quality commercial construction services that prioritize communication and collaboration, using top-grade materials and equipment to achieve exceptional results. Our experienced team works tirelessly to meet clients’ needs, from concept to completion, with the goal of creating functional, attractive, and durable spaces that exceed expectations.



Are you ready to shake things up in the realm of old world technology, architecture, tartarian empires, mythology, and more? We've got just the thing for you! Our online platform is perfect for all the creative geniuses out there who like to think outside the box. We're talking unconventional perspectives, daring ideas, and mind-blowing discoveries! So, if you're all about advancing research and expanding knowledge in a colorful and playful way, then what are you waiting for? Come join our community and let your imagination run wild!

The Wall Of Moving Pictures


Our curated video platform showcases an intriguing collection of forgotten and captivating topics. Our selection takes you on a journey to explore the mystery of the Old World, the lost civilization of Tartaria, the innovative practices of electroculture, and much more. The platform offers a rich viewing experience, presenting exciting visuals and profound knowledge. Our collection is perfect for those seeking to learn more about the hidden histories and forgotten cultures of our past. Come and join us on our quest to unlock the secrets of the Old World.


UNIK Theatre Canada


Coming from the idea of seeing the establishment of a link, a cultural bridge between African and Canadian spectacle. Noticing that there is an absence of the African-French multidisciplinary theater, Madame Djolei Justine Gogoua offers UNIK THEATER CANADA an artistic platform highlighting unique talents in the same artistic creation.

UNIK THEATRE CANADA, as its name suggests, is the space for unique artistic creations and explorations.

On the road since March 1995, UNIK THEATER CANADA is an artistic organization that highlights the performing art in all its facets; dance, song, music, percussion, theater, storytelling, poetry, puppetry, mask, painting, cooking and much more…